Casting will take place for additional actors for upcoming films. Date to be announced

2018/2019 Class has begun and we will soon cast again for upcoming projects.
Stay Tune!



The Myrtle Beach Film Institute is brought to you by The Myrtle Beach International Film Festival. This is a free film school and all are welcome to participate. This is a passion project, which means that no one pays or gets paid. This endeavor is the first of its kind in existence, meaning there is no charge. Jerry Dalton of Dalton Pictures inc has a mission statement "No one should be barred access to art due to financial constraints". He also sends this mission statement loud and clear with the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, 6 days of screening, meals, all for $50. There is nowhere else on earth you will find this.

That is not to say we do not need the support of the community, we do.

One way we will help in this endeavor is to purchase one of our cool  T-shirts.
Another way to help is to become a friend of The Myrtle Beach International Film Festival.

As a friend of the MBIFF your name will be placed on the credits of the movies produced that year, and!!! your name will appear on the credits at the end of the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival Movie trailer which plays for 1 month prior to the Festival. The MBIFF trailer plays in front of every movie during that month at The Grand 14 Stone Theatre located in The Market Common.

Each year we produce and print over 5,000 booklets which serve as a program for the MBIFF. Your name will also be included in the friends of page.


The Myrtle Beach Film Institute is a script to screen learning experience. We explain the process of  making a film, from business, scripting, casting, pre production, through production to cinematography and directing, sound, lighting followed by editing, color correction, sound score and more...